Dr Bill Primrose

Drug discovery

  • Company manager and consultant, with a very broadly-based background in SMEs across a range of life science areas, with line management, project management, and business development experience, knowledge of several therapeutic areas and direct personal understanding of growing innovative companies from scratch.

  • A PhD biological chemist with 28 years’ experience at the interface between academia and industry, and with a particular interest in small molecule drug discovery and development.

  • Contributions to both the technological and business areas of a number of SMEs involved in the development and commercial exploitation of scientific research across the boundaries of the chemical and life sciences.  

  • Bill is currently CEO of GyreOx which aims to treat complex diseases with solutions inspired by nature, and offers rapid production of designed libraries of Gyrocycle™ highly modified macrocyclic peptides to hit ‘undruggable’ targets.

  • He has also founded early stage biotechnology companies active in drug discovery, development and associated services, Ripptide Pharma, PanTherix and CYP Design, and a contract chemistry provider, SioKem. Roles include Board positions, CEO, CSO, and Business Development Director.  

  • Whilst consulting for Ithaka, he has worked on projects providing market assessment and development opinions on novel technologies including those developed at the Quadram Institute, Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Manchester, Newcastle, and St Andrew’s Universities, and King’s College, London.